Shhhh… Don’t Say The P-Word!

It feels like I might be missing something in life. It can’t be a mid-life crisis. I am too young for that. Maybe it’s because I am not married, or because I don’t have children… Ok, a furry four-legged child… sorry Crash! It’s like that feeling when you hold a baby (which is very rare […]

In Loving Memory of Ray

One of the difficult things of being in the Parkinson’s community is that many of my friends are older than I am. And while I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of their lives, when they pass, it really hurts. I haven’t had many people close to me die, which can […]

My PD Wolfpack

I apologize for the long delay in my blog posts, but this chicky has been traveling! First stop was Las Vegas for The Davis Phinney Victory Summit. Part of my duties of being an Ambassador for The World Parkinson’s Coalition is to attend PD conferences and talk to people about the upcoming WPC 2016 being […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

  Ahhh… Valentine’s Day. I am such a girl when it comes to this holiday. It’s actually one of my favorites. I am not sure if it is the pink and red colors plastered everywhere, or the heart-shaped trinkets the stores are stocked with, but it is a special day. Ok, so maybe I love […]

Dating and Parkinson’s Disease

Sitting in the shadows of my eco-friendly Prius, I scan the parking lot for any sign of life. Out of the corner of my eye, I see movement. A man walking with his head down, looking very suspicious shifts his gaze towards me. I hold my breath and hunker down. The figure slowly passes me […]

Grateful At The DMV

I am at the DMV in California at 11am in the morning. Ughhhh. I have already officially hit the “you have lost 2-hours of your life” mark, but I haven’t even gotten up to the counter to get my number. Yes, you read that correctly, I am waiting in line to get a ticket… to […]

Adventures Of Having A Disability Placard

I am driving to my favorite shop at the mall to search for something that will make me feel better.  Ahhh, retail therapy. It begins wandering aimlessly for an item that I had no idea I couldn’t live without… nothing can compare to the rush you feel as you swipe your credit card. You feel alive! […]

‘Twas The Night After A Perky Christmas

          ‘Twas the night after Christmas, and Perky’s a wreck, She did too much again, aw, but why the heck? Perky knows better, she’s committed a mortal sin. But has hopes that Sinemet soon will kick in. Wrapping and ribbons all covered the floor, The evidence shows, the day wasn’t a […]

Why Do We Say Hurtful Things To The Ones That We Love?

I tried to find a way to sugarcoat this title. Because for me, this one sentence, brings a flash of all the hurtful things that people have said to me, and all the whoppers that I’ve shot back… (Hey, I never said I was perfect! Ok, so maybe I am, but don’t hold that against […]

Medtronic Answers Your Top Ten Questions

A couple of weeks ago, I asked “What would you ask Medtronic about DBS?”.  Well there were many questions, submitted, so here are the top ten questions that you, the readers asked.  Drum Roll Please… 1.     What are the benefits of DBS therapy? What about the risks? DBS therapy has been approved by the FDA […]