On This Day, I Almost Died

May 5th, 2003 was the day I almost died. Each year that passes, I don’t dwell on the negativity or my fear. Instead, I look at all the wonderful experiences I’ve had and all the amazing people who I have in my life. In remembrance of that day, I have included a section from my […]

Perky’s Pointers To Feeling Pretty

I notice as Parkinson’s awareness month comes to an end, while there has been an abundance of information available, there is one topic that doesn’t get much attention… gender.  Studies have shown that men are more at risk than women to developing Parkinson’s disease. Now this can be due to the fact that men tend to […]

Perky Parkie’s Pet Peeves

Perky Parkie’s Pet Peeves… now that is a mouthful! Try to say it 10 times fast… you can’t, it’s impossible.   But what isn’t impossible is creating a list detailing some of the things that drive me bonkers! Just because I am the Perky Parkie doesn’t imply that I am Pollyanna all the time. I have […]

Papa Is Playing Cards In Heaven

I am at the airport when I hear my phone ringing.   I frantically find a place to set my Starbucks Iced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte and then begin digging into my purse that has now morphed into an endless abyss that swallowed my cell phone. Ah ha! Found my phone and looked at the screen […]

A Letter On Our Anniversary

  Today is my 5-year anniversary of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I wonder what Parkinson’s will give me to celebrate 5 years of having a committed relationship with it? Whoa… to think back to all the memorable moments that we have spent together… Priceless. I felt that the best way to celebrate our courtship […]

When Is The Best time To Exercise?

I hear this question often…“When should I exercise?  Is it when my medication is “on” and I feel motivated? Or should I try to exercise when my symptoms are bad, because then I challenge my body to push through the struggle?”  Well seeing as I teach fitness classes for those with movement disorders, and I […]

Shhhh… Don’t Say The P-Word!

It feels like I might be missing something in life. It can’t be a mid-life crisis. I am too young for that. Maybe it’s because I am not married, or because I don’t have children… Ok, a furry four-legged child… sorry Crash! It’s like that feeling when you hold a baby (which is very rare […]

In Loving Memory of Ray

One of the difficult things of being in the Parkinson’s community is that many of my friends are older than I am. And while I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of their lives, when they pass, it really hurts. I haven’t had many people close to me die, which can […]

My PD Wolfpack

I apologize for the long delay in my blog posts, but this chicky has been traveling! First stop was Las Vegas for The Davis Phinney Victory Summit. Part of my duties of being an Ambassador for The World Parkinson’s Coalition is to attend PD conferences and talk to people about the upcoming WPC 2016 being […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

  Ahhh… Valentine’s Day. I am such a girl when it comes to this holiday. It’s actually one of my favorites. I am not sure if it is the pink and red colors plastered everywhere, or the heart-shaped trinkets the stores are stocked with, but it is a special day. Ok, so maybe I love […]